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All the sites named here are worthy of a 100% rating.
Have you got any more. Let us know.
Long To Live. Find out how long you've got on earth.
Ugly Kid. This is a cartoon that you can download. There's loads in the series and they are extremely funny. Its attached to the site Atom Films which also has it's fair share of goodies.
Firewall Protection. Don't let subversives invade your computer hard drive. Free software is available from Zone Alarm.
Loads of movie trailers at Screendragon.....In full screen size. There big downloads but it's worth it.
Kamikaze Football. Sign on and play the fantasy football game.
Banana Lotto. 3 free goes every day to win 1 Million Quid. You never know!
EBay online auction. Bid for what ever you want.

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